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Initial CRM - 2 Day Course

Recurrent CRM - ½ Day Course

We offer six (6) completely different CRM recurrent syllabi. Each is a stand alone program designed to refresh previous concepts while avoiding the repetition so prevalent in other programs.

Additionally, some operations may select from an a la carte menu of topics to address specific areas of concern.

As in the initial CRM syllabus, each program stresses operational techniques to enhance the safety of your operation.

The topics include all those covered in the initial course listed above. The pre-planned recurrent programs are:


Single Pilot Resource Management

The Single-Pilot Resource Management course includes all of the proven error prevention and mitigating training found in our ground breaking CRM program but also addresses the differences found in Single-Pilot operations. Gleaned from decades of single-pilot operations in both civil and military operations, the SRM program about to be certified by the FAA will be the first of its kind. Additionally, for those pilots transitioning for the first time to high altitude and high performance aircraft we have added the optional high altitude differences course shown below.

High Altitude Differences

Additionally, for pilots transitioning from lower altitude and piston operations, the Single-Pilot Resource Management course offers:

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