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Crew Resource Management                           Part 135 CRM and SRM

CRM is an invaluable part of a crew’s success in today’s aviation industry.

To be truly effective, CRM must be perceived by pilots as both interesting and useable. Our approach at Century CRM is to combine a minimum of theory with a maximum of useable technique. From the outset, we continuously stress team-building (both inside and outside the cockpit). Where many programs are inherently heavy in theory, we have taken actual events and asked:

“What should this crew have done differently?”

Other programs get into assertive-nurturing models. We give inexperienced co-pilots concrete ways to get a point across to an experienced captain without creating conflict.

Century CRM’s “line oriented” resource management training is the only program to put theory into practical use.

Our Single Pilot Resource Management (SPRM) program focuses on the real world human factors that avoid, trap, and mitigate error, reducing accidents and incidents.

The PDP and IA Renewal courses focus on Safety Management Systems and Leadership in a modern operation.

The CRM Instructor Course gives you an in-house CRM or SPRM instructor to meet your hectic schedule

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