Price List

Introductory Pricing


Introductory Turnkey package ($3500)

Electronic version of the entire PowerPoint presentation and instructor notes for each slide.

Requirements for teaching the FAA-approved recurrent versions (also included).

Electronic samples of Training Records, Note Taking Guides, Course Handouts, Syllabi, Desired Learning Objectives for each section, and Enrollment and Completion Certificates.

Hardcopy book of slides with facing page instructor notes.

Hardcopy of bound student handout and note taking guide.

Hardcopy of all student record keeping and course forms.

Complete test question bank with answer key and printable answer sheet.

Additional hardcopy of everything for your POI to allow submission well in advance of the FAA’s mandated implementation date.

For more information, or to order, contact:

Carl Carmichael at (404) 449-5852

Steve Hopkins at (678) 485-5162.