All activities streamlined

Century enhances your existing systems to improve business and operational performance without costly technology transformations, for all organization types. Allowing successful interdepartmental collaboration where the entire establishment works as a unit to meet company goals.

Omni-channel communication applications that enable rapid deployment of products and support consumer, enterprise, partner sales, ordering, and self-care.

Low-coding, No customization

Century CRM accelerates reaction time with out-of-the-box, automated, embedded best practice workflows. A truly configurable, low-code platform allows non-technical users to configure and operate instantly with hundreds of ready to go screens and ergonomically designed functionalities with configurable fields.

Benefits of using Century CRM

Compile customer information (360° customer view) Enhance customer engagement
Omni-channel customer experience with digital and mobile portals Streamline marketing efforts with campaign management
Build relationships and lifetime value Easy integration using open APIs
Pre-built processes to hit the ground running Easy configuration of a system to replicate existing customer’s processes

Century CRM is a comprehensive set of tools combined for the perfect customer experience, increased company-wide collaboration, and sustainable growth. Sitting as a state-of-the-art solution over the configurable low-code platform, Century CRM provides a unique user experience that can be personalized and adopted, even by non-technical users.

Seamless Automation Century eliminates the need for manual processes and spreadsheets.

Century CRM fully configurable tools






















Century Catalog

A pivotal element of digital transformation. Century Catalog presents a unified environment for the creation of all types of products and services featuring complex, boundless, and easily adjustable configuration of the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Benefits from using The Catalog

  • Centralized control, access, and visibility of products and services
  • End-to-end Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Consistent product definitions
  • Integration of silo-based architecture
  • Unified inbound/outbound integrated product master for multiple applications
  • Normalized and holistic product and service data model across the enterprise

Century Catalog supports the latest industry trends, including refillable data, zone pricing, family-share plans, dynamic pricing, SaaS billing, subscription services, and more.

Adopt the “age of the customer” service mindset

Customer Management is an omni-channel portal that enables the rapid deployment of enterprise customer account profiles and manages the customer lifecycle.

Provide your team with a comprehensive view of customer history, service, and credit as well as improve employee efficiency by enabling them to easily gather and update information on the go. Century Customer Management (CCM) smoothly enables the rapid deployment of products and services, supports order entry, hierarchy management, and contract overview - in addition to managing the complete customer lifecycle. Sales teams that are empowered by CCM can maximize opportunities for sales and cross-sales service, all-in-one user-friendly application.

Customer Management

Century Customer Manager is an omni-channel system for all organization operations and can act as a single GUI for all customer-related operations—from new customer creation and service set-up to extensive account management while supporting all product and service platforms.

Benefits of Customer Management

  • Reduces churn, increases adoption, and manages retention
  • Accelerates reaction time with automated workflows
  • 360° view of customer data populated from multiple sources
  • Analyzes customer data to provide insights on customer’s health and identify up-sell opportunities
  • Enables the creation of thresholds and alarms for satisfied and at-risk customers

Lead and Opportunity Management

Automating your manual operations is a step toward becoming a market-driven company, which is reflected in a digital working environment. A digital working environment combined with our management systems and/or business process management, offers ready to go features and processes providing a metadata-driven approach to corporate data and a unified view of data across the company. In turn, these accelerators drive employee efficiency by eliminating manual swivel-chair processes and spreadsheets and deliver accurate analytics that enable data-driven decision-making.

Follow the lifecycle of leads and opportunities. Automating business processes lets you know when a specific sale turns into real revenue and under what conditions.

Sales Manager

Sales Manager significantly improves efficiency, operational costs, and reduces errors with automation. Enabling your organization to increase revenue by allowing fast cross- and up-sales of products to existing customers.

Benefits of using Sales Manager

  • Increase productivity with a fully automated sales engine
  • Track all customer information in one place
  • Completely digitalize sales processes
  • Omni-channel lead capturing including social networks and automated campaigns
  • Significantly reduce the number of manual touchpoints, in turn, reduce processing time

Marketing Manager

Awaken the sleeping customer

Our CRM allows operators to engage their customers using omni-channel to promote targeted services or partner products. Featuring complete integration with email, SMS, web, and social media. Shorten time to market via complete customer management with consistent information for the selection of specific campaigns.

Increase Revenue Streams

Manage products with short- or long-term campaigns and instant discounts to meet the constant demands of the market and your customers.

Forecasting and Predicting

Forecast customer behavior based on usage patterns and demographics, we facilitate CSPs network expansion and offer the right services to existing customers, enhancing their loyalty and user experience. Century provides your sales teams the ability to create scenarios and forecast sales for better predictions. Machine learning helps increase these functions exponentially, based on the amount of collected data.

Utilize user behaviors and predictive analysis to pinpoint the best option for your customer. Our platform enables real-time analysis of multiple data sources, escalations, drilldown, and predictive analysis in order to make better decisions and create the best offers for your customer.

Guided selling using AI

Featuring state-of-the-art AI to select the best products, in accordance to customer parameters. Gain the confidence to move from one size fits all to a targeted and personalized offering approach.

Guided selling using AI triggers the start of cross- and up-selling activities. Product bundle recommendations are made based on defined customer profiles.


Century’s built-in Business Intelligence reporting platform enables functionally rich analysis of all data allowing users to create personalized reports and dashboards. Digitalization of processes and functions enhances businesses readiness and strong working environment, which are prerequisites to sustainable growth.

Partner and Channel Management

Enables partners across all channels, with an all-in-one suite for delivery of service and lifecycle management of your clients. Provides them with products, customer segmentation, better efficiency and collaboration, and multiple lines of business.

Growth through digital transformation

Let us create the necessary edge for you to stay ahead of the competition. Our platform will enable you to instantly jump to a high level of process maturity and enables your personnel to act quickly and efficiently. Making them prepared for any market or operational changes required to drive your business development.

Century’s visual interface combined with its form builder and feature-rich platform allows business users to configure and grow a robust, market-driven platform. All at an accelerated rate as the company’s strategy and processes evolve. Easily introduce new products, change pricing models, while delivering products and services.

Finally, our modularized approach not only fits within our product ecosystem but allows additional products to be introduced into your environment.

Additionally, it enables rapid expansion for future growth, without costly IT investments.