Get a grip on evolving cloud models and new opportunities to expand your presence in new verticals by creating a sustainable partner ecosystem that will help you build new business models and revenue streams.

Digital Marketplace Solution from Excelacom is packed with features allowing you to easily onboard partners, manage their offering, bundle your services and provide it to clients. All achievable using advanced user interface –

No coding, just configuring.



Digital Marketplace Solution features the most advanced technologies to help you select the best partners using scorecards. Your partners can be introduced to the company either by your Channel Manager or using the public portal.



Digital Marketplace Solution supports a variety of service offerings. It will allow you to simply resell a partner's offering with calculated margins, offer a soft bundle by selling your services separately from the partner's offering, or offer a hard bundle by converging the customer's invoice for the entire spectrum of services.



Digital Marketplace Solution features an integrated set of functionalities that will provide your partners with a complete lead-to-cash process. Combined with a state-of-the-art public portal, selling your services will be a breeze.

Just One Minute Along with Automated Partner Onboarding

Featuring state-of-the-art technologies and industry-focused questionnaires, partners can be onboarded within a matter of seconds. Excelacom has the knowledge and technology capabilities using this advanced feature to take you to the next level by introducing zero-touch partner onboarding via Machine Learning. As a result, your Channel Manager can stay on top of the game by simply monitoring the development of hundreds of new partners, avoiding the tedious, manual work of individually evaluating every one of them.

A model-driven platform for creating an infinite ecosystem of partners orchestrated to enable all of the services, anywhere, at anytime

In order to achieve that, CSPs must engage in creating ecosystems with multiple service providers, becoming a technology catalyst with end-to-end visibility for all automated services─ increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness resulting in meeting NEW demands.


an all-in-one system helping CSPs transform into a lean, growing enabler of new services in an orchestrated ecosystem with traceability and transparency throughout its lifecycle.

Seller Self

Multiple Seller
Product Offering

Approval and
Workflow Manager

Configure, Price and
Quote Offerings

Products Catalog

Automated Supervision
and Pricing Control

Enabling you to confidently provide an advanced offering for all market segments using Digital Marketplace as a channel to cover the advanced technology needs of Residential Market, Digital Small-Medium-Businesses, Midmarket and Enterprises, as well as high-in-demand offerings and services coverage for Governments, Public Sector and Smart Cities.

most effectively achieved based on collaboration using the digital marketplace

Catalog-Driven Solution

Excelacom Digital Marketplace is built to support the catalog-driven architecture. Central Product Catalog is a pivotal point for all the Digital Marketplace functionalities, enabling a loosely coupled central product catalog with marketplace product management. In association with Partners Product Catalogs, you are prepared to work in harmony without any data replication.

Excelacom Digital Marketplace can be augmented with Century Catalog that can take on the role of a central product catalog and link the metadata from multiple catalogs in a federated, hybrid, or master catalog fashion.

Preconfigured Industry Solutions

Excelacom Digital Marketplace is designed to support CSPs in delivering complex solutions to the market quickly. We have a set of predefined and ready-to-go industry-specific use cases that allow you to onboard your partners rapidly and utilize their offering to enhance IoT or Private LTE offerings in a matter of minutes.



Increased adoption of wearable devices, as well as softwerization of medical devices used for diagnostics and patient treatment, require established partnerships with multiple suppliers bundled with hi-quality SLA for communications between them.



Hospitality is rapidly adopting hi-technology and requires devices that can help employees become more efficient, get closer to customers while staying secure. Using Digital Marketplace, you can connect all the equipment providers on one screen and devote the broadband spectrum to enable a smooth operation of their systems.



Adoption is growing in industrial robotics, asset/inventory management, smart grid and certain personal devices such as smartwatches as well as in the automotive market. It is expected that eSIM will dominate the market and all devices, including customers and IoT, will be using eSIM. In short, eSIM can be used to support marketing campaigns and special events.



Telematics improves business processes’ efficiency, monitors compliance with task assignments and legislations, optimizes workforce allocation, and prevents the misuse of company assets. Enhanced with paperless contracting and IoT, telematics create an environment for complete supply chain management without physical contact between the parties.


A fully configurable solution from Excelacom allows you to deliver a complete healthcare offering that includes a quick setup of the indoor, outdoor coverage of the medical facility and selected technology to securely transfer data between multiple diagnostics and treatment devices and with maintainable SLA.

Excelacom Digital Marketplace, enhanced with its lead-to-cash functionality and one-of-a-kind, best-in-breed solution for visual ordering design, will help accelerate the sales process and create the most effective, automated order management resulting in the smooth onsite implementation of the system.

Along with the benefits of connecting partners together to their equipment, Digital Marketplace facilitates partner selection to conduct the site surveys and equipment implementation, so your offering can be complete. The appeal of an offering is directly associated with the integrity of an offering. Which, in this case, provides you with liberty to select the right partners, bundle their offering and sell it to medical institutions using single screen portals without the need for programming - simply configuring it and you are all set.


Our ready-to-go solution for the hospitality industry allows you to address this vertical with the complex offering, including spectrum bandwidth, indoor and outdoor coverage, employee devices and devices that offer a panic button functionality. Additionally, it delivers superior visual order management that allows you to quickly propose various services to multiple hospitality organizations. Configured to provide the best results, the solution for the hospitality industry contains predefined templates for creating service and equipment offerings and quick partner onboarding. Fully reusable templates can also be easily multiplied, so if you target a chain of hotels, working with Digital Marketplace will accelerate the process and introduce automation steps that will help you become the most efficient.

5G is a Game Changer

5G’s expansion to verticals is unprecedented, leading to incorporating ground-breaking technologies of this decade such as AI and EDGE computing. The 5G technology promises to increase download speeds, nearly eliminate latency, and reduce congestion on mobile networks.

CSPs worldwide are pursuing this opportunity and are aware of the complexity and wide span of partnerships they need to engage to become successful in this market.

Digital Marketplace is a Cornerstone of Growing NaaS Market

Enterprise Focus

Enterprise Focus

Established based on experience from dozens of world-leading communications service providers and built to meet the demands of Enterprise customers.

We have managed to create state-of-the-art tools that offer CSPs a unique combination of expertise, application, and integration capabilities required to serve Enterprises – enabling genuine end-to-end visibility and management of solutions offering. All while allowing easy bundling of products from multiple partnerships with CSP’s offering if the eligibility criteria are met.

Digital Marketplace Solution offers predefined workflows and templates built precisely to address enterprise solutions and sales service challenges.

Data-Driven with Advanced Analytics

Data-Driven with Advanced Analytics

Digital Marketplace includes Century Analytics, a next-generation reporting platform that enables company-wide visibility and reporting. Intuitive interface and configurable functionalities provide precise data gathering, sharing, and analyzing. Smart settings and reporting drive precise KPIs enabling informed business decisions.

Implemented with Century Machine Learning enables predictable analysis and a digital working environment that drives employee efficiency by eliminating manual swivel-chair processes and spreadsheets while delivering accurate analytics, enabling data-driven decisions.

Automated Process-Driven Application

Advanced technologies allow you to create a process based on the business concept by simply using the graphical workbench.

Graphical workbench is an add-on solution that provides tools to represent processes graphically and is an easy way to implement processes without any coding. It creates an effortless method in implementing process changes using an intuitive graphical definition wizard for all activities.

Our solution with automated processes enables our customers to significantly reduce time-to-market for new service development, reaching up to 70%, followed by reducing operations costs by more than 40%, supporting new enterprise services in multiple networks, including 5G use cases.

Advanced Model-Driven Platform

Innovative and compact model-driven application that streamlines order and design management with a drag-and-drop service design, easy configuration of processes and role assignments.

  • Model-driven – easy to create objects, elements, groups and templates
  • Role-based – processes are assigned to specific roles in the organization that enhances the effectiveness and improves collaboration
  • Fast time-to-market – services design, specification and configuration are completed in real-time using the drag-and-drop functionality
  • Supports Pre-defined and User-defined templates

Models managed in Century include high levels of abstraction, which enables you to define the service view on both the customer perspective and technical aspects.

Future-proof with Machine Learning Capabilitie

Future-Proof with Machine Learning Capabilities

Featuring a state-of-the-art machine learning component allows you to teach the platform how to select the best products in accordance with customer parameters. Gain the confidence to move from one-size-fits-all to a targeted and personalized offering approach.

Guided selling using Machine Learning triggers the start of cross-selling and up-selling activities. Product bundle recommendations are made based on defined customer profiles.

All of this delivers a multiangle view of your partners and teaches Century AI how to help you select the right partners following their:

  • Corporate alignment
  • Financial stability
  • Sales success
  • Technical support
  • Customer care

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